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Mountain hostels in Catalonia

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Refugi Bagès
42°10'14.1"N 1°33'52.1"E | GPS: 42.170587, 1.564460
Municipality: La Coma i la Pedra | Comarca: Solsonès | Province: Barcelona
Elevation: 1,767 m | Beds: 44
Mountain hostel located at the foot of the slopes of the Port del Comte ski resort. It offers magnificent views of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees.
 guide mountain hostel refuges Catalunya refugi Cap del Rec
 guide xalet shelters Catalonia info refuge Lles Cerdanya
Refugi Cap del Rec
42°25'52.6"N 1°40'05.9"E | GPS: 42.431284, 1.668299
Municipality: Lles de Cerdanya | Comarca: La Cerdanya | Province: Lleida
Elevation: 1,956 m | Beds: 62
A busy refuge that occupies a large stone and wood chalet located in a place of great beauty, surrounded by forests, right at the foot of the slopes of the Nordic ski resort of Lles de Cerdanya.
 guide refuges xalets Catalunya Refuge Corral Blanc
info Mountain huts hostels province Girona guide refugi Corral Blanc
Refugi Corral Blanc
42°20'15.4"N 2°06'40.3"E | GPS: 42.337600, 2.111196
Municipality: Planoles | Comarca: Ripollès | Province: Girona
Elevation: 1,816 m | Beds: 36
Stone chalet located at the base of the southern slope of Puigmal, the highest mountain in the province of Girona.
 guide refuges chalet Catalonia Refuge Pere Carne Alp
informations mountain lodges La Molina refugi Pere Carne
Xalet Refugi Pere Carné
42°20'25.1"N 1°57'13.5"E | GPS: 42.340301, 1.953758
Municipality: Alp | Comarca: La Cerdanya | Province: Girona
Elevation: 1,502 m | Beds: 50
Stone and wood refuge chalet located in La Molina resort, next to the road that leads to the ski slopes.
 guide mountain refugies xalet Vall Bonabe Catalonia Refugi Fornet Alos
informations mountain lodges hostels Noguera Pallaresa guide refugie Fornet
Refugi del Fornet
42°43'32.8"N 1°06'26.0"E | GPS: 42.725788, 1.107221
Municipality: Alt Àneu | Comarca: Pallars Sobirà | Province: Lleida
Elevation: 1,375 m | Beds: 24
Mountain lodge located on the shore of the Noguera Pallaresa river, 4km from the small village of Alós d'Isil, within the limits of the High Pyrenees Nature Park.
 guide hostel refuges Soriguera Catalonia refuge Vall Siarb
 guide rustic mountain shelters villages Catalonia info refugi Siarb Valley
Refugi Vall de Siarb
42°22'12.0"N 1°11'24.1"E | GPS: 42.370008, 1.190039
Municipality: Soriguera | Comarca: Pallars Sobirà | Province: Lleida
Elevation: 1,301 m | Places: 23
Old stone house restored as a rustic-style mountain hostel, located in the center of Llagunes, a small and quiet village in the Siarb Valley.