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Tourism paradores in Catalonia

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The Parador of Cardona, located in the most important medieval fortress in Catalonia. Photo credit: Aris Gionis.
The Paradores de Turismo are high-class hotels, with quality services, managed by a public company and spread out throughout the Spanish territory. This hotels are located in emblematic buildings or in unique places, selected for their historical, artistic, cultural or landscape interest.

The hotels of the Paradores chain are classified into three different categories:
Paradores Esentia. Historical and monumental buildings, such as castles, palaces or monasteries, converted into luxury accommodation.
Paradores Naturia, located in exceptional natural settings, both inland and on the coast.
Paradores Civia, located in the urban environment, generally in the center of cities.

Catalonia has a total of eight Paradores, distributed throughout all the provinces.

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