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Mountain huts in Catalonia

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The former refuge of Colomers. Photo credit: Pro Travel Photos
Mountain huts are buildings designed to provide food and shelter to climbers or hikers, located in mountain areas or in other areas with difficult access. In the Catalan Pyrenees there are a good number of refuges distributed throughout the territory. A large part of the guarded refuges are managed by the FEEC (Federation of Excursionist Entities of Catalonia), offering discounts to its members.

Apart from the forest refuges, the storage huts and small recreational buildings scattered around the lower part of the mountain, in Catalonia there are three types of mountain refuges: bivouac shelter, guarded refuge and mountain hostel.

The bivouac shelter are small (for 4-20 people) and are always open, but not staffed. This type of shelters provide facilities like bunk beds, emergency radio and rescue material.
The guarded refuges are quite large, offer a series of basic services (blankets, meals, drinks, showers, information) and are open during summer holidays. In the absence of the staff, there is a space with few places that can be used as a bivouac shelter. These huts require reservations.
The mountain hostels (xalet) offer quality services and are located in places that can be reached at any time of the year by vehicle. They are usually staffed throughout the year.

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