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Tibidabo Amusement Park

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The panoramic wheel and Talaia.
An amusement park located at the top of the Tibidabo mountain, the highest point of the municipality of Barcelona. Opened in 1901, it can boast to be the oldest amusement park in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. The Tibidabo Amusement Park has been able to adapt itself to present by integrating the most modern attractions within its facilities, such as the Giradabo, the large panoramic wheel of 20 meters in diameter, together with the most classic and historic atractions. The privileged location offers the best views of Barcelona.

The park covers an area of approximately 70,000 m2 and offers visitors more than 30 original attractions appropriate for all age groups, impressive shows and itinerant animation. The visitors have at their disposal restaurants, picnic areas and all the necessary services to make the stay in the Park as comfortable as possible.

Sections of the park

The amusement park is organized in 5 levels:
✔ Level 6 - Camí del Cel (Sky road), the walk with the best views of Barcelona. It is the upper level of the park, located at 500 meters above sea level, where you can walk freely and free of charge.
✔ Level 5 - Miramiralls
✔ Level 4 - Crash Cars
✔ Level 2 - Dididado
✔ Level 1 - Muntanya Russa

Main rides

Talaia (Tibidabo's highest attraction), Avió (the first flight simulator in history), Giradabo (panoramic wheel), Muntanya Rusa (Roller coaster), Automata Museum, Viking, Alaska (water roller coaster for kids), Carrousel, Castell dels Contes (Castle of Tales), Crash Cars, CreaTibi, Creatibi Robotics, Cursa d'ocells (Race of birds), Diavolo, Dididado (4D Cinema), Edifici Cel (Sky Building), Embruixabruixes (Aerial railway), Interactive water fountains, Globos, Granota (Free-fall ride for children), Hotel Krüeger, Interactibi (3D simulator), Elastic trampolines, Marionetarium (puppet shows), Virtual Express, Mina d'Or (water attraction), Mini Hurakan, Miramiralls (hall of mirrors), Piratta, Pony Rodeo (monorail train ride), Rio Grande, Tasses, Tchu Tchu Tren, TibiCity, Zoochok.

3-4 Plaça del Tibidabo
08035 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 932 117 942
Accommodation near the park
Opening days
March to December: weekends and holidays
July and August: from wednesday to sunday
January 2 to 5: every day
Closed: from January 6 to 31 and the whole month of February.
One day tickets
General admission (> 120 cm>: 35 €
Junior entrance ticket (90 - 120 cm): 14 €
Senior entrance ticket (+ 60 years old): 10,50 €
Functional diversity entrance ticket: 7 €
Entrace for single-parent and large families (> 120 cm): 28 €
Entrace for junior single-parent and large families (90 - 120 cm): : 11,20 €
Annual subscriptions
Tibiclub Familiar: 152 €
Tibiclub Individual: 54 €