Santa Maria del Mar Basilica

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Santa Maria del Mar Church. The main facade.
Exceptional exponent of Catalan Gothic located in the La Ribera neighborhood of Barcelona. This 14th-century church, dedicated to the Mother of Christ and designed by the architect and master builder Berenguer de Montagut, presents from the exterior a solid and robust appearance. Most outstanding is the great purity of style and the harmony of its proportions.

Built in just 55 years, from 1329 to 1384, with the money and work of the faithful of the port and the district of La Ribera area, the church is also known as the "Cathedral of the Ribera". The floor plan of the church is formed by three naves covered with ribbed vault and separated by columns. The central nave is 13 meters wide, the lateral naves being narrower, only 6.5 meters wide, although almost the same height (as 30 meters). The lateral chapels are located between the buttresses.


✔ The interior of the church, spacious and austere. Although the building has three naves, the interior of the church gives the of spaciousness that is achieved in the churches with a single nave.
✔ The main facade. Horizontally the facade is divided in two sections, the lower centered by the portico and the upper one by the large 15th century rose window of flamboyant Gothic style. It is decorated with the images of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
✔ The two octagonal bell towers flanking the central facade.
✔ The Borne facade.
✔ The stained-glass windows.
✔ The Gargoyles with human form, located in the middle of each buttress.

1 Santa Maria Square
Barcelona08003 (sp)
Monday to Saturday: 09am to 12am and 5pm to 8.30pm
Sundays and holidays: 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 8.30pm
The visit of the interior of the church is free.
Cultural Visit
Gallery + crypt: 5€
Gallery + crypt + towers + terraces: 10€ /1 person, 15€ /2 people
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