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Parador de Lleida
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Class: Paradores Civia
15 Cavallers Street - Lleida 25002
A beautiful parador located in the former convent of Roser, in the historic center of the city of Lleida. The rooms are arranged around the cloister and the restaurant is located inside the church.
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Parador de La Seu d'Urgell
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Class: Paradores Civia
6 Sant Domènec Street - La Seu d'Urgell (Lleida) 25700
Elegant and modern hotel that occupies a 14th century church, next to the beautiful Romanesque cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell. Un alojamiento ideal para conocer el Pirineo Catalán.
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Parador de Vielha
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Class: Paradores Naturia
Tunnel Road - Vielha (Lleida) 25530
A picturesque luxury establishment located on top of a hill on the outskirts of the Aranese capital. Stunning views of the Aran Valley and the mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees.
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Parador d'Arties
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Class: Paradores Naturia
1 Sant Joan Street - Arties (Lleida) 25599
In the beautiful village of Artíes, just 7 kilometers from the Baqueira Beret ski resort, we found this quiet 4-star hotel. The parador building is a true jewel of local architecture, known as the House of Don Gaspar de Portolá.