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Designations of origin of Catalan wines

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Maintenance work in the vineyards of the province of Lleida. Photo credit: Ramon Oromí

DO Penedés. The best known and most productive Catalan wine region is located halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona. Besides the cava, Penedès stands out for the high quality of the aromatic and light white wines. The region also produces quality intense and light red wines, rosé wines and semi sparkling wines.
DO Terra Alta, located in the southeast of Catalonia, in the region of Terra Alta. Characteristic here is the cultivation of the grapevine on terraces. It predominates the production of white wines, elaborated with white Grenache and Macabeo, robust, full-bodied and with a high alcohol level. The red wines are strong and rough, with a complex structure. There are also produced sweet wines and Mistelle.
DO Tarragona. Identifies the wines produced in the central area of Camp de Tarragona and part of the comarque of Ribera d'Ebre. Predominate the white wines, smooth, balanced and fruity, with moderate alcohol content. To a lesser extent are produced full bodied and aromatic red wines, rose wines, liqueur wines and sparkling wines.
DO Conca de Barberà, located in the Conca de Barberà comarque, in the province of Tarragona. It produces mainly light white wine, with fruity aroma and moderate alcoholic graduation, but there are also rosé wines, red wines and cavas. The most characteristic rosé wine comes from the Trepat red grape variety, native of the Conca de Barberà.
DO Costers del Segre. Dispersed region located in the province of Lleida, formed by seven sub-areas with different geographical conditions and grape varieties: Raimat, Segrià, Pallars Jussà, Artesa, Valls del Riu Corb, Urgell and Les Garrigues.

DO Empordà, located in the northeastern corner of Catalonia, in the comarques of Alt Emporda and Baix Empordà. The range of the Empordà wines is very wide. Rosé wine predominate, characterized by a great personality, delicate aroma and a moderate alcohol content. There are also elaborated fresh and fruity white wines, high quality red wines, sweet wines and sparkling wines.
DO Montsant. Young designation of origin located in the Priorat and Ribera d'Ebre regions. More important are the red wines for aging, with the varieties of grapes Grenache, Tempranillo and Cariñena grapes. The white wines are distinguished by the silkiness and structure. Rosé wines and liqueur wines are also produced.
DOQ Priorat. This small mountainous region located in the Priorat region is one of the only two wine regions in Spain recognized as Qualified Designation of Origin for the quality of its wines. Mainly red wines robust, dense, with very intense aroma and high graduation, are produced. In addition, white wines, rosé wines, sweet wines and fortified wines.
DO Alella, the smaller Catalan wine region, located north of Barcelona, near the coast. Consists in 11 municipalities of the Maresme and 7 municipalities of the comarque of Vallès Oriental. Recognized primarily for the quality of white wines, dry and semi-dry, light and perfumed.
DO Pla de Bages. Area of great wine tradition, located in the heart of Catalunya, near the mountains of Montserrat. The mid-mountain Mediterranean microclimate favours the production of fruity and aromatic red wines, light and exquisite white wines, and rosé wines.
DO Catalunya. Regional denomination founded in 2001 to cover different wineries scattered throughout the catalonian territory producing quality wines, but without a specific Designation of origin. The production area includes more than 300 municipalities overlapping areas of production of other designations of origin recognized. This designation incorporate a great variety of wines: white wines, red wines, rosé wines, sparkling wines and liquor wines.

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