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Girona and the Onyar river.
A must-see destination for those who want to know the essence of Catalonia. Girona preserves numerous testimonies of its long history and a exceptional monumental heritage, mostly concentrated in a relatively small area bounded by the Onyar river and the ancient walls.
The city of Girona, capital of the homonymous province and of the comarque of Gironès, is located at the confluence of the rivers Ter and Onyar, in northeastern Catalonia.

The houses on the Onyar River

The hanging houses, painted in bright colors, and the Onyar River, which runs through the center of the city, form a whole which offers one of the most spectacular and characteristic images of Girona. Three historic bridges, built in the 19th-20th centuries, cross the river connecting the old Girona and the modern city: the Stone Bridge, the Iron Bridge (Bridge of the Fish Markets or Eiffel Bridge) and Manuel Gomez Bridge.

The Old Town (Barri Vell)

The Cathedral of Girona is located on the highest point of the city. Is the result of various superimposed styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. The cathedral is accessed via a magnificent 17th century stone staircase. North of the cathedral stands the monastery of Sant Pere Galligants, former Benedictine abbey of the 12th century, and the church of Sant Feliu, with fortified appearance.
In the network of alleyways that form the historic centre stands out the Jewish Quarter (El Call), extended around the Força street. This is one of the best preserved medieval urban areas in Europe.
The shopping and entertainment heart of Girona is the Rambla de la Libertad. Near this porticoed street we find the former guild area, full of beautiful medieval, Baroque and modern style corners, narrow streets, stairways, small squares and covered passages. Worth a wolk to admire the Palace of the Agullana, the convent of Sant Domènec, buildings as Fontana d'Or and Aligues House.
Do not be missed the opportunity to stroll along the Wall Walkway (Passeig de la muralla), the long patrol path which allows it to pass along the defensive walls and towers and to contemplate the city and its surroundings.

The modern city

Outside the historical centre can be admired numerous and remarkable works of modernist and Noucentist architecture. The most prominent architects are Rafael Maso i Valenti (Farinera Teixidor Factory, La Punxa House, Casa Gispert Sauch and Bloc Battle), Eugeni Campllonch (Franquesa House), Isidre Bosch Bataller (Furest House and Casa Noguera), Joan Roca Pinet (Casa Norat and Casa Rigau) and Enric Catà Catà (Regàs Distilleries and Gerunda Distilleries), among others.

Tourist information office
Rambla de la Llibertat, 1
Girona (Girona) 17004
Tel.: +34 972 226 575
41°58'59.4"N 2°49'25.7"E | GPS: 41.983164, 2.823817
Holidays and events
Girona, Temps de flors (flower exhibition spread all over the city) - the third week of May
Festa Major (Fair and Festival of Saint Narcis) - around 29 October