Montserrat Monastery

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Aerial view of the monastery.
Benedictine monastery with 1000 years of history located in the Montserrat mountain, at a height of 720 meters above sea level, in the middle of an spectacular landscape. It is a symbol of Catalonia and a center of pilgrimage for devotees and tourists. The present monastic community has about 80 monks.His very popular holiday is celebrated on April 27 (the feast of Our Lady of Montserrat), preceded by the Eve in the previous day.

The monastic complex, irregular shaped due to acidentado relief, is composed of two blocks of buildings with different functions: on the one hand the 16th century basilica and the monastery dependencies, and, on the other, the buildings for pilgrims and visitors.
The basilica, a transition from Gothic to Renaissance, has a single nave with Gothic arches supported by central columns, 6 side chapels and Romanesque apse. Here it can be listen the Escolania, the Europe's oldest boys' choir.


✔ The interior of the basilica. In the eclectic decoration stands out the sculptures of the prophets located in central buttresses. At the top, under a golden pavilion it can be seen the silver throne with the image of Saint Mary presiding the entire nave.
✔ The main facade of the basilica, designed by Francesc Folguera (1947).
✔ The alcove or chapel of the Virgin, located in the back of the church.
✔ The Moreneta. The image of the Virgin of Montserrat also known as the Black Madonna (Moreneta) is a Romanesque wood carving located in the basilica. Represents the Madonna with the child sitting on his lap and measures about 95 inches tall.
✔ The side chapels, richly decorated.
✔ The refectory from the 17th century and renovated in the 20th century, has a mosaic depicting Christ in Majesty while in the opposite area you can see a triptych with scenes from the life of Saint Benedict.
✔ The cloister, designed by architect Josep Puig, with two floors sustained by stone columns.
✔ The museum , one of the most important art galleries in Spain, offers 6 collections of paintings and biblical objects.

1 Abadia de Montserrat
Monistrol de Montserrat (Barcelona) 08199
Tel.: +34 938 777 701
Visit to the Basilica
7am - 7pm
Visit to the alcove of the Virgin
8am - 10.30am and 12am - 5.45pm
Museum of Montserrat
10am - 5.45pm