Pedraforca Massif

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The Pedraforca Mountain. Photographer: joan ggk
The Pedraforca Massif Natural Site of National Interest is located in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, within the area of the Cadí - Moixeró Natural Park. Pedraforca is one of the most emblematic mountains in Catalonia thanks to the impressive biological richness, its geological complexity and especially to his U-shaped silhouette, peculiarity which gives its name (the Catalan words pedra and forca mean stone and pitchfork in English).

The north summit consists of two peaks, Pollegó Superior (2,506 m) and Calderer (2,496m). The Southern summit is formed by the Inferior Pollegó Peak (2,445 m).

The forests and meadows of the massif host a rich middle-mountain and high-mountain fauna. Among the mammals we must mention the chamois, squirrel, fox, weasels and wildcat. The real protagonists of the park are the birds, highlighting the wood grouse and species of raptors.
The Pedraforca is one of the most attractive and with greatest climbing tradition mountains for Catalan mountaineering. The ascent is only recommended for people with some experience in trekking or climbing. The north slope, very vertical, is a formidable challenge for the risky climbers.

Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park Information Centre
C/ La Vinya, 1
Bagà (Barcelona) 08695
Tel.: +34 938 244 151
Creation year: 1982
Surface area: 1.750 ha
Municipalities: Gósol, Saldes.
Comarque: Berguedà
Province: Barcelona