Church of of Saint Andrew, Salardú

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The church of Salardú.
Majestic parish church located in the village of Salardú, capital of the Naut Aran municipality. The building has been built in several phases, in Romanesque to Gothic transitional style (12th and 13th centuries).

The church has a rectangular basilical plan with three naves. Both the Gothic central nave and the two Romanesque lateral naves are covered with barrel vault. The head is formed by three simple semicircular apses. A single eye bell-gable is located over the high altar and a very slender bellfry is attached to the southwest corner of the church.


✔ The Christ of Salardú, a famous carving in wood dating from the 13th century that presides over the high altar, one of the most representative works of the Aranese Romanesque.
✔ The octagonal bell tower (15th century), more than 25 meters high, one of the most outstanding in the area. The loopholes and buttresses present in the lower part give a fortified appearance.
✔ The Romanesque portal, formed by five half-point archivolts adorned with vegetal motifs resting on columns.
✔ The exceptional collection of Renaissance mural painting (17th century), located at the head of the church. It is one of the largest and best preserved in the Aran Valley. The paintings show Biblical figures and scenes.

18 Carrer de Sant Andreu
Salardú (Lleida) 25598
Every day: 10am - 8pm