Old Bridge of Besalú

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The medieval bridge of Besalú. Photo: Núria
The medieval bridge, also called the Old Bridge, is the most emblematic image of the municipality of Besalú and the most suitable place to access its old town. The fortified building that crosses the Fluvià river, a transitional Romanesque to Gothic style, is protected as an Asset of Cultural Interest and a Cultural Asset of National Interest.


The bridge has been documented since the 11th century, although it is possible that the initial layout was different from the current one. Several floods affected the bridge so that it was necessary to rebuild, reform or repair it often, using natural stones from the Fluvià riverbed. The towers and the portal of the bridge, which served to defend access to the town and to collect a toll fee in the Middle Ages, were demolished in 1880. In 1939, during the Spanish Civil War, the blowing up of two arches left the bridge in a very bad state, a fact remedied after the reconstruction carried out between the years 50-60 of the 20th century.


It is a bridge formed by eight unequal arches grouped into two angled sections. It measures 105 meters long and 30 meters high. The fortified access portal is located above the first pillar, near the wall, while the fortified tower, with a hexagonal floor plan and loopholes at the top, is located in the central part, on the fifth pillar.

Carrer del Pont Vell, s/n
Besalú (Girona) 17850
Free access at any time.