Romanesque architecture in Catalonia

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Port de la Selva | Alt Empordà | Province of Girona
Benedictine monastery considered a key work of Romanesque architecture in the Iberian Peninsula. Located in the Serra de Rodes mountain, at about 520 meters above sea level, the monument offers an exceptional view over the bays of Llançà and Port de la Selva.
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Cardona | Bages | Province of Barcelona
Magnificent 11th century church that dominates the fortified enclosure of the Cardona Castle. Due to its grandeur and stylistic harmony, it is considered one of the jewels of the first Romanesque in Catalonia.
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Taüll - Vall de Boí | Alta Ribagorça | Lleida
Considered as an indisputable jewel of Catalan Romanesque art, the church of Sant Climent has been build by local lords in two phases, in the 11th and 12th centuries. It is a a basilic-planned construction with three naves, three apses and an imposing bell tower.
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Bossòst | Vall de Aran | Province of Lleida
Magnificent 12th century church considered as the most representative example of the Romanesque architecture in the Aran Valley. The great stylistic unit and the perfect state of conservation is very surprising. .
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La Seu d'Urgell | Alt Urgell | Lleida
Romanesque church with Lombard influences still unfinished, dedicated to the Virgin of Urgell. Built in the 12th century, it is the only fully Romanesque cathedral in Catalonia.
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Agramunt | Urgell | Province of Lleida
A large monumental church located in the small town of Agramunt. The impressive Romanesque façade is considered as the best example of the famous sculptural school of Lerida.
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Besalú | Garrotxa | Province of Girona
Fortified bridge that crosses the Fluvià river, built in the 11th century to defend access to the town of Besalú.
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Sant Jaume de Frontanyà | Berguedà | Provincia de Barcelona
Magnificent monument of the mid-12th century, a perfect architectural example of the first Romanesque Catalan thanks to its large dimensions and the harmony of the forms.
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Ripoll | Ripolles | Province of Girona
Benedictine monastic complex located in the town of Ripoll. It conserves an extraordinary portico of mid-12th century, considered one of the great sculptural works of European Romanesque art.