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La Boqueria Market

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The main entrance of the La Boquería market. Credit: Nord Est Foto
Next to the Rambla avenue stands the Mercat de Sant Josep (St Joseph's market), popularly known as La Boqueria. It is the most famous and picturesque food market in the city of Barcelona, a must-visit for every tourist, maybe too vitsited. Within its area of 2583 m2 the market has 300 stalls offering quality products from all over the world, and also restaurants and bars.

The best way to feel its peculiar atmosphere is merging into the crowd and going across the market, contemplating, sniffing and tasting. So you will enjoy most and discover the true essence of this wonderful place full of color and history.
The Boqueria market was inaugurated in its present location in 1840, being the oldest municipal market of Barcelona. It occupies the old courtyard of the convent of Sant Josep. In its place was built a square with large columns surrounded by porches where it has been moved the street market from La Rambla. In 1914 the singular metallic roof is finished, covering definitively the enclosure.The various reforms and architectural modifications have transformed the Boqueria into a modern market and one of the great attractions of Barcelona.

91 Rambla
Barcelona 08001
Tel.: +34 933 182 584
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 8am - 8.30pm
Free admission
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