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La Rambla, Barcelona

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People walking along the Ramblas.
La Rambla, also known as Les Rambles, is an emblematic artery of Barcelona and one of the symbols of the County City. It is a pleasant 1.2 km long promenade that connects the Catalunya Square with the Portal de la Pau Square, near the old port, and separates the Raval neighborhood from the Gothic Quarter.

A multitude of tourists and locals moves day and night before in front of human statues, street artists, news-stands and flower sellers, cafes, terraces, restaurants and shops. A vibrant atmosphere with lots of color and movement.

Descending from the Plaça de Catalunya, La Rambla receives in its different sections the following names:

Rambla de Canaletas

Located on the upper part of the Rambla street, gets its name from the Fountain of Canaletes, one of the most crowded place in the city.

Rambla dels Estudis (Rambla of the Studies)

Calls special attention the Baroque church of Betlem (17th century) and the Moja Palace, or Marqués de Comillas Palace, a 18th century civil neoclassical building.

Rambla de Sant Josep

The most colorful and perfumed part of Les Rambles, also called Rambla de les Flors, full of flower stalls. In this section are the famous La Boqueria market and the Palau de la Virreina, sumptuous Baroque palace built in the late 18th century.

Rambla dels Caputxins (Rambla of the Capuchins)

Also known as the Rambla del Centre, this section starts with the small Pla de la Boqueria square. It has numerous points of interest: the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Barcelona's most prestigious and one of the most important opera houses in the world; The Bruno Quadros House, popularly called "Umbrella House", an eclectic building with a wrought-iron Chinese dragon protruding from the façade; the old Figueres House, a fine example of Barcelona modernism.

Rambla de Santa Monica

The last section before reaching the port is a bustling area who still preserve some old buildings such as the former Cannon Iron Foundry, 18th century neoclassical building, the austere Marc Palace and the marble building of Credit and Docks. At the end of Les Rambles we find the Columbus monument.

Public transport
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